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Bringing the Outdoors in Through Hand Painted Murals by Leslie Michaels

Trees & Landscapes

Italian Inspired Landscape Mural
Meadow Mural by Leslie Michaels featuring Trees, Wild Flowers, Animals, Birds, etx. November 2013
Window Mural - Hand Painted Window and Scenery by Leslie Michaels
Hand Painted Grape Vines on the Ceiling by Leslie Michaels - Murals & Decorative Painting Elgin, IL
Silhouette of a Palm Tree on Bedroom Wall by Leslie Michaels
Pink Blossom Tree Mural 2017
Countryside Mural by Leslie Michaels North Suburbs of Chicago, IL November 2013
Faux Finish and Exposed Brick Hand Painted by Leslie Michaels - Murals & Decorative Painted based out of Elgin, IL.
A Wider View of the Dining Room in Elgin, IL featuring Hand Painted Grape Vines and Ivy
Meadow Mural
Close Up of Pink Blossom Tree 2017
A Mallard Duck Flies Across the Sky in this Countryside Mural by Leslie Michaels - North Suburban Chicago, IL 2013
Faux Finish and Hand Painted Flowers by Leslie Michaels - Bathroom Murals
A Tribute to Italy Mural featuring the Collesium and the Family Church back in Italy

A Faux Fireplace

This faux brick was stripped, primed, & hand painted with a faux technique to bring new life to this fireplace!


Faux Fireplace Before Work was Completed - Old Paint was Chipping and Fireplace Had no Life

Faux Fireplace After Being Hand Painted! A Complete Transformation!

This slideshow features various examples of how hand painted artwork gives a unique and personal touch to any home.

Faux Marble

Faux Marble

This is a close-up of a niche that I hand painted to look like marble. Click on the image to see a full length view. This niche was in a home in Barrington, Illinois. Below you can see a sample of some columns that I marbleized.

Hand Painted Exposed Brick

Testimonial by Client Renee...

"I LOVE IT! - I enjoyed meeting with and spending the day with you as you created such beautiful "bricks" in our kitchen.  - I am so glad I found you! " - Renee ... Elgin, IL

This area of exposed brick wrapped around the corner!

Hand Painted Exposed Brick in Back Splash Area

Renee already had this beautiful decorative lettering on the wall. I painted the faux brick in small areas around it.